Which browsers can I use? 🌎

If you use a PC with Windows or a Mac to display your public screen, we recommend using the browser   Google Chrome. Our experience is that  Google Chrome is most stabile over time, and is updated on functionality which is very suitable for public screens.  When you manage the content of your screens and posts, it should be possible to use all the main browsers on mobile and PC, but also here we have the best experience with Google Chrome. 

If you use a  Samsungscreen with SSSP, you use the built-in browser, in combination with the PinToMind Player on newer screens (SSSP4 and newer). On Chromebox and Chromebit we recommend using the PinToMind Player, which opens the Chrome browser automatically in full screen.

We do not support XP with Internet Explorer 8, but have support for Internet Explorer 9 and newer.

Questions? Contact us at support@pintomind.com!