Changing of subscription ⬆️ ⬇️

Upgrade or downgrade

You can whenever you want upgrade if your need were to change. We will then charge your card or send you a new invoice for a new year, where we deduct the amount for what was left of the former payment-period.

An administrator on the account can upgrade or downgrade your account by selecting "Settings" in the menu in the upper left corner. 

Select a new price-plan or change the amount of screens for the account-types LARGE, FLEXI or VOLUNTEER. See prices here.

You will get access to adding new screens and users immediately after upgrading.

By downgrading, you will not receive paid amounts back, but you will also not pay double for any period, so we deduct the time that was left from the former payment-period on the new bill.

Ending subscription

You can also decide to end your subscription any time. What you have already paid will not be paid back.

To end your account, you go to "Menu" -> "Settings" and click on "End account". Then everything on the account will be deleted. Only when this is done, have you actually cancelled your PinToMind-subscription. An e-mail or a phone call to us is not seen as a formal ending of account. 

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