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How do I order?

When you have a free trial, there is a button up on top where it says "Activate now". Click on this, and you will be lead through a guide where you select account-type and add payment-information.

You can activate your account any time during the free trial, and the payment-period will only start after the free trial period anyway.

Select the right account

The price-plans tells how many physical screens you can display your content on. The number of screens are counted by counting how many physical screens are displaying content from PinToMind at the same time. Each physical screen is counted, even if they are displaying the same screen-address as other screens or are connected the same display through a splitter.


VAT is not charged outside of Norway. Billed in advance yearly. Paid amounts are not refundable. We receive payment by card, or send invoice by mail or e-mail.

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Questions? Contact us at support@pintomind.com!