Webpage/URL 🖥

Do you want to display a webpage on your public screens? Real-time display of bus-tables, energy-reports or another webpage that is customized for public screens? 

This post-type is a beta-feature. You are welcome to use it, but it is not totally finished, and therefore not found in the list of posts in app.pintomind.com

Must be made for public screens

Webpages which are to be displayed on public screens must be made for such displays. Readability and download time is what you have to pay special attention to; the page must be easy to read and quick - heavy or slow pages will lead to an unstable display. The page should also be made so that the layout will adjust itself to different screen-sizes.

It is not possible to display webpages that require login.

The look will vary 

Webpages will be displayed differently depending on the resolution of the screen, content and technology of webpage, browser, operative system and which hardware that is used. The display of a webpage can therefore be displayed differently on the public screen than the way it looks when you preview it on your own machine. 

We try to adjust display to normal combinations and standards, and would like to receive feedback if you have questions or comments. 

Get started

You create the post here. Good luck! Hope it goes well for you!

Zoom in the URL-post

It is possible to set the zoom level on the display of the URL-post. Grab the slider and zoom in or out, and preview before saving.

Webpages that have settings for how they appear in different resolutions (so-called Responsive Web Design) will adapt to the zoom.

If the webpage does not display

There are two common causes to why webpages will not appear on public screens and/or in preview.

HTTP cannot be displayed on HTTPS

A page using HTTP cannot be displayed if you use HTTPS. The reason is that HTTPS has a higher security level, and automatically rejects all pages with HTTP. 

Many people use HTTP for screen display and HTTPS for administration, so you may find that the page is not displayed in preview, but that it is displayed on the physical screen.

You can read about the difference between HTTP and HTTPS on Wikipedia. Note, that changing from HTTPS to HTTP gives a lower security because HTTP does not have encrypted data transfer.


Check if the page you want to display exists as HTTPS. If this is the case, you should use this, and then the page will be able to appear on both the public screen and in preview, whether they use HTTP or HTTPS.

If the page is displayed on the screen, but not in preview, you can change to administrate via http://app.pintomind.com.

If the page does not display on the public screen, you can check if it uses HTTPS in the screen address (URL) and switch to HTTP.

Pages may be blocked for display

We use iframe, code for including a webpage in another webpage, to display webpages on public screens. Some pages have a barrier towards display in an iframe on external websites. Unfortunately, for such pages, there is nothing we can do on our behalf, but we can help you test if this applies to the page that you want to display.

The solution to displaying such a page is that the site provider allows for display in iframe on external pages. We recommend you contacting the supplier and explaining what you want to show and where, and asking if they can open it for such use.

Questions? Contact us at support@pintomind.com!