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Most people are interested in weather forecasts, and these kinds of posts help you have a public screen that is always relevant. Select how much detail you want to display, and from which locations to display the weather forecast.

The weather forecasts are retrieved from
In the search-field you can find locations from all over the world that you can display weather forecast for. Select if you want to search locally or globally.

PinToMind 3

Select whether to display days or periods

In PinToMind 3 you can display weather forecast for all of 9 days forward if you select days and position the post in area A.
If you would rather display a more detailed weather forecast, select periods. The wind direction and strength will anyway be displayed. 

Select Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin

Standard is that the temperature is displayed in Celsius, but if you would rather display it in Fahrenheit or Kelvin, you can choose this.

How it works in different areas

Location-name will be displayed, with the exception of when the post is positioned in the area called  Ticker.

In area A the post will be displayed as a horizontal line, but if you position it in area B on a screen containing only areas A and B, it will be displayed as vertically.

Enter more text, link and attachment for PinToMind Go

You can add extra information to be displayed only in the mobile app PinToMind Go. Click on the mobile icon "📱" and enter text, link for more info and/or attachment. 

Preview and save

We recommend testing the different options here, select channel(s) and area of the screen that you want the post displayed in, preview, and save when you are happy with it. 😊

PinToMind Classic

The weather forecast can be displayed like a simple or detailed three day forecast, and you can choose if you want it displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
If you want to display wind strength, select "the next 3 days detailed".

If you place a simple forecast in the footer, it will display weather forecast for the five coming days. (If you are displaying your logo, the weather forecast will only have space for four days.)

You can choose between black&white or colour on the symbols in the weather forecast. To change this, you go to "Screens" and then "settings" for the screen you want to change this on.

Location-name for weather forecast will not be displayed when the weather forecast is in the footer or in the top of the footer. Many like to display their local weather forecast in the top of the sidebar, and then one has the opportunity to display other posts that will scroll underneath this post in the sidebar. 

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