Why does the screen display old content? 👻

Does the screen display old content, or do scheduled posts not show up when they are supposed to? Then the screen has probably lost contact with our server.

Public screens that loose connection with our server, will continue to display the same content as they had last time the screen had contact with the system. The most frequent cause for the public screen to not be updated with new content, is that it has lost connection with internet locally. 

You can try just turning the physical screen off an on again, and if that does not work, check if everything is ok with the internet-connection for the screen. 

You can see in your  list of screens if a screen is online or not.

If the screen appears to be online, you can click on " view devices" and then "refresh" the screen. This should cause it to start anew and be updated.

If the screen appears to be offline,  start it anew according to the right guide for your type of screen.

Questions? Contact us at support@pintomind.com.