Advice on and experience with YouTube-posts on different types of hardware ๐ŸŽž

Chromebox with PinToMind-app

Chromebox has been very good for displaying YouTube-posts, and provides a very stabile display. With PinToMind Player, the Chromebox will get a daily restart, so that the internal memory will be emptied and all posts are retrieved anew.  Read more about the chrome devices here.

Samsung SMART Signage with Tizen

Samsung screens with SSSP6 (Tizen 4.0) and SSSP5 (Tizen 3.0) works well for displaying videos from YouTube. SSSP4 (Tizen 2.4) also works, but requires more from the network and may spend more time buffering. Videos displayed on SSSP6 and SSSP5 have continued to play, despite loss of network. This is not the case on SSSP4. Some units require an update of firmware; contact us if you have problem displaying videos, and we will guide you through an update. See our suggestions for hardware to read more about the screens from Samsung.

Samsung SMART Signage with built-in player (before Tizen)

Samsung with built in player, before Tizen, does not have support for displaying YouTube-posts. This applies to screens with  SSSP1, SSSP2 and SSSP3. If you wish to display YouTube-posts on this type of screens, we recommend to connect a Chromebox or Chromebit with PinToMind-app.

Philips with Android (Q-series, D-series and P-series)

Tests we have done, shows that the screens work well when they are set up to use the built-in browser. We don't do the same testing for this type of screens as we do for the Samsung Smart Signage with Tizen. 

PC or Mac with browser

PC or Mac with browser work very well in our tests, but demand a daily restart. We have the best experience with using Google Chrome, and no matter the browser type, make sure it is an updated version. Check also that the browser of the machine that displays the public screen is set up to use  HTML5-display of YouTube.

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