Protect your content - screen code, password and IP-restrictions šŸ”

Keep the screen address secret

The screen address contains a code which in itself gives protection against outside viewing. The address is not to be spread or used other places than on the public screen.

If you have a suspicion that your code has become known or opened by unauthorized people, you can create a new code for the screen. You do this by going to  "Screens" and click on "Settings" for a screen, then choose "Security". On the top of this page there is a button for making a new screen-code.


Under the security-tab for the screen (see above), there is an option for adding a password which must be added each time the screen is opened. When you open the screen address / URL you must then add the password for the screen display to start.

A disadvantage with the use of password, is that it cannot be combined with autostart and fullscreen.


You can make it so that only machines with certain IP-addresses will be able to open your screen-content. If you try to open the screen-address/URL on machines with different IP-addresses, the content will not be displayed.

You register this also under the security-tab in settings for screen. Here you also find a list of the IP-addresses where the screen has been opened, and a simple way to approve the IP-addresses it has been open on.

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