Start screen display in browser

ℹ️ If you have a device that can use PinToMind Player for Samsung Tizen, Chrome, Windows, Android and Raspberry Pi, you will find a guide for downloading the PinToMind Player app and start the screen display here

Start screen display in browser or test the display on your own PC

1. Open a web browser on the physical screen (or on your PC, for eg. short-term testing*).

2. Enter in the address field and open.

3. A code and instructions are now displayed on the screen.

4. On another computer or mobile: Log in to your PinToMind-account in, and enter the code on the screen to connect the device to your account.

5. Select which screen to display on the device under "SELECT A SCREEN". 
You can change the screen displayed on this device, at any time. See info here.

6. The screen you selected now starts displaying on your device.  That's it! 😊

For full screen mode, click F11 on Windows, or CMD + SHIFT + F for Chrome on Mac.

*If you are testing on your PC: Remember to close when you are done testing, as each browser that displays the content counts as a screen that you pay for.

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