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PinToMind 3

Layout and areas of the screen

Each channel on the account can have their own layout, and you can choose how many areas to display on the screen. Under SELECT or ⚙️ for each channel, you choose one of our great layouts for portrait or landscape mode screens. 

A - B - C - D

The layouts have one or more areas for posts, and you can yourself select where you want to place your posts. You can choose to use one or more areas, depending on which layout you select.

  • Area A is the main area of the channel, and where posts by default get published. 
  • Area B is for instance a great place for weather forecast, calendar, news etc. The channel will then always have something fresh and new which catches attention.
  • Area C can be used for something extra to bring attention. But make sure it does not become too much and messy. 😉
  • Area D ...

Clock and logo

Several of the layouts have own areas for clock and logo.

  • Clock - Click on the area to customize. You can select to display date and time, or just time. 
  • Logo - Click on the area to customize. In the area for logo, you can display an uploaded logo, or you can enter a short text that will always be displayed.


The area called Ticker, suits very well for displaying news through the RSS-post or to display text messages. The area Ticker scrolls vertically, and can in that way display much information over time. You decide whether to display 2 or 3 lines in the height. 

Select what area of the screen you want the post to be displayed in

Where posts can be displayed on your screen depends on the layout and how many areas you have selected. When you create, or change, a post, you choose which area of the screen the post should be displayed in. You can show the same post on several channels, and in different areas.

PinToMind Classic

Select what area of the screen you want the post to be displayed in

Posts can be displayed in three different areas for the screen;  the main area, the sidebar and the footer.

  • The main area is the largest area of the screen, and can contain all kinds of posts. It will cover the whole screen if you do not make use of the sidebar and footer. 
  • The footer rolls with news, messages and weather forecast. It also shows the time, has a spot for logo and can be decorated with stylish decor. 
  • The sidebar can have a post displayed continuously on the top*, and other posts rolling underneath. 

Below you can see how the posts are positioned on the screen.

*Sidebar features

If you place a post-type, that does not change in size, in the top of the list of posts in the sidebar, this post will always be displayed in the top of the sidebar. The posts below will scroll one after the other according to the list order. 
Examples of post-types that do not change in size are: Text only, Text&Image, Weather, Time counter, Instagram.

If you place a post-type in the top of the sidebar that does change in size, no post will be displayed below, but will instead scroll, one after the other, in the top of the sidebar.
Examples of post-types that do change in size are: Facebook, Twitter, News, Images, Calendar.

Select location

You select location in a drop-down-list when you create or edit a post, or you can pull the posts between the different areas of the screen from the  startpage

To the left of the title for each post, you find the symbol   . This you can place the mouse-arrow over, left-click and pull the post up or down. You can change the order of the posts this way, and you can change the area of the screen that the post is displayed on.

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