Twitter 🐦

Posts that display social media, help you have relevant public screens. The system will automatically retrieve new content and keep people up to date, at the same time as you get to advertise for where people can follow you.

The  Twitter-post will help you display an overview with several tweets or display tweets one by one. If the tweet contains an image, this will be displayed in the post.

Decide if you want to only display tweets from one user

Write @@username if you want to display tweets from this user.

Decide if you want to hide retweets

If you write #hashtag or @username it will be searched in all tweets where these are mentioned. Write <‑rt> without space after #hashtag<‑rt> or @username<‑rt> if you want to hide retweets.

Display several hashtags and usernames if you want

You can add one or more #hashtags, @usernames and/or @@usernames in the search-field. Separate the search-words with spaces. The posts will be merged and sorted chronologically.
If you display #hashtags, a sampling of recent tweets published in the past 7 days will be displayed.

If you add two #hash#tags without space, only tweets which include both hashtags will be displayed.

Display options

You can choose if you wish to display tweets separately, or in an overview. Select a display option and click preview to see which option suits you best. 

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