News/RSS 🗞

What do you want to display?

Subscribe to an RSS from your own webpage or that of others, and keep people updated on what is going on. 

Copy the address to the RSS-feed, and paste this into the address-field when you create the News-post. Select how many pieces of news you want to display (default is the 3 last ones).

If the RSS-feed contains images, the address needs to start with https. These images can be viewed in the mobile app, PinToMind Go.

Select where on the screen you would like this displayed, many place this post in the footer. 

Feel free to create several different news-posts, and your screen will automatically display new content all the time.

If you gather news from external pages, like newspapers or broadcasters, you yourself have to get the permission for this.

How do I find the RSS for the news I want to display?

We suggest that you search online after for example "RSS BBC" or for your local newspaper. The link can often be found in the RSS-logo itself, like the orange image here on the page. You have to copy the complete address and paste this into the address-field in the News-post when you are creating it. If you do not find the RSS-feed you need, you could contact the newspaper or the ones responsible to the website and ask if they have an RSS-feed you can use. 

Questions? Contact us at!