News/RSS 🗞

Choose what you want to display in the News/RSS-post. Subscribe to an RSS-feed from your own webpage or another one, and keep people updated with the latest news. 

PinToMind 3

Copy the address for the RSS-feed you would like to display on your screen(s) and paste it into the address field of the News/Rss-post.
It is also possible to select an RSS-feed from the library (resources that can be reused). In this way, a News-resource can be used for several posts, and you don't have to copy the address each time. 

Number of news and time period

You can choose how many news items you would like to display, default is the last three. 
In addition you can select how far back in time you want to display news by limiting this time period. Default is no limitation. 

Allow images

If the RSS-feed contains images, you can select whether or not to display these.

Optional: Allow HTML

We basically remove HTLM from RSS-news. Then they are best displayed in most situations. But you can allow HTML to include formatting. Then you yourself take over the responsibility for what and how it is displayed.

Enter more text, link and attachment for PinToMind Go

You can add extra information to be displayed only in the mobile app PinToMind Go. Click on the mobile icon "📱" and enter text, link for more info and/or attachment. 

Preview and save

We recommend testing the different options here, select channel(s) and area of the screen that you want the post displayed in, preview, and save when you are happy with it. 😊

PinToMind Classic

When you are going to create the news-post, you copy the address for the RSS-feed, and paste it in the address field in the post. Select how many news-items you would like to display. Default is the last three.

If there are images in the RSS-feed, the address has to start with https. These images can then be displayed in the mobile app, PinToMind Go. Images are also displayed in the newest version, PinToMind 3.

Select where on the screen you would like this displayed, many place this post in the footer. 

Feel free to create several different news-posts, and your screen will automatically display new content all the time.

If you gather news from external pages, like newspapers or broadcasters, you yourself have to get the permission for this.

How do I find the RSS for the news I want to display?

We suggest that you do a search online for e.g. "rss bbc" or your local newspaper. The link can often be found in the RSS-logo itself, like the orange image at the top of this page. The RSS can prove to be something as simple as You need to copy this, and paste it into the address field in the News-post.

If you cannot find the link you need, we recommend contacting the newspaper and asking them if they have an RSS-feed you can use.

Questions? Contact us at!