Image online 🌍

Display images from a webcam, Dropbox or other places online. PinToMind will retrieve the image which is online continuously as it is being updated. The image-online-post can only display files of the types PNG and JPG. 

The address you add must be complete and start with  "http://" and end with "filename.jpg" (or png).

The image online has the same display options as the image-post on PinToMind.


Image online posts can be used in various ways; webcam which displays traffic or any other place of interest. The post can also be used to display sales-statistics, weather data, energy consumption etc. which is added as a web address by other programs.

If you have images which are updated regularly on your public screens, - eg. statistics, schedule or roster - you can add this image to Dropbox, and the public screen will retrieve the newest image.

Display image from Dropbox

To display an image that is saved in Dropbox, select to share a file in Dropbox. You have to paste in the url of the image into the address-field in the new post. Change the ending of the url from dl=0 to dl=1 at the end, click "save" and it is supposed to be displayed properly. In certain cases, we have also experienced that adding the ending raw=1 instead of dl=1, works well. 

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