Text only 💬

⚠️ The Text only-post is an expired post type, and has been replaced by the Text-option in the Text & Image-post. You can still create a post of the old Text only-type in PinToMind Classic, by clicking here.

Do you have something to say?  Write a message on the public screen! Notes and messages on information screens receives your audience's attention.

You can use the editor to change the format of the text to different sizes, location, colours etc. 

The  text-post gives you the option to present a stats table, but it has limitations. In the case of advanced tables (large tables, nested tables and tables with merged cells) we recommend to make these for in f.ex. Word and then upload as PDF in an image-post.

The button "<> Source" provides you with the option to add the html-code in the post.

Feel free to add  scheduling to if this is a post that will only be relevant for a certain time-period.  

Click for the screen(s) you want to publish the post to, and remember to click "save".

Questions? Contact us at support@pintomind.com!