Get started! 🏁

There is nothing like a good start! Here we give you a short explanation for how you can get easily started with PinToMind.

What do I need?

  • A subscription to PinToMind gives you the possibility to manage and display your content your public screen(s). You can test it all for free for 30 days, and after testing, you choose the subscription that fits best for you. You get a full overview over the various subscriptions/accounts here. There is no start-up-fee or anything like that. 
  • A screen to display the content on. See hardware we recommend here
  • Access to a browser on a PC, tablet or phone in order to publish and manage content.

What do I do?

  • Test it! It is free and with no commitment whatsoever to test PinToMind for 30 days, - you can even test several times! 😊 Create your account here.
  • Create screens and posts. When you are logged on to, you easily create a screen (which is do be displayed on the physical screen) and several posts (like "slides" that will scroll through and be displayed on one or more screens). We promise: It is easy!
  • Start displaying the public screen where you want it displayed. Open the unique screen-address (url) which belongs to the screen you create in on the physical screen that you want the content displayed on.

Can I get an offer?

You do not need an offer;  Our prices are here. We have the same good prices for all of our customers, no special deal or sales are necessary. At PinToMind everyone can be sure they got the best price at any point.

We have a subscription type called  FLEXI, for large customers with more than 20 screens on different accounts, for instance municipalities or large organizations with branches in different locations.


We would love to help if you have any questions! Contact us at!