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Share a public screen

With PinToMind Go you can easily share the content of your screen with staff, students or others in your organization. They will be able to see your content in a great app for mobile phone and tablet, or on their own PC.


The content is the same as on the screen, but with a customized design. In the mobile view one does not have to sit and wait for posts to "roll by" like on a public screen. Here one gets the posts served in a reader-friendly list which one can scroll through as one likes.

Get started

  1. Download PinToMind Go for iOS/Android on your smart phone or tablet
  2. Feel free to use the sharing-code "demo1" to quickly see some possibilities.
  3. In a browser; log in on Go to the menu-option "Screens". Put the mouse-arrow over the screen that you want to share in the mobile app. Click "Start sharing", and you get going within a few minutes.

You can spread the link or the sharing-code to those you want to see the content. You can also create a Promo-post to promote the sharing on your screen.

You can stop the sharing whenever you would like to. You do not commit to anything by testing this. 

Extra information in the mobile app

It is possible to add extra information to be displayed only in the mobile app, PinToMind Go, but not on the screen on the wall, - in the  "Text & Image"-post. It can be a link or more text, which one in mobile view can click on "read more" to see.

Create or edit a "Text & Image"-post, click  "+ EXTRA" and add more text or a link to more information.

Send push-notifications

Push-notifications make it possible to send out a notification to users of PinToMind Go with info about the fact that something new is published on the screen.

When you create a new post, you first decide which screens you want this displayed on, and afterwards you decide if you want to send out a push-notification for this post. If you select "Send push-notification", a notification will be sent out to all those who have subscribed to these screens in the Go-app, and who have chosen to receive such notifications. Those users will then be notified that something new is published, and can open the app to see the new post

Go directly to screen or post

When you open the notification, you can choose between two possibilites: "Go to screen" which takes you to the screen where the post was added, or "Go to post" which takes to directly to the new screen.

Not for all post-types

Push-notifications are only available for suitable post-types. This is to prevent confusion regarding for example calendar- or Facebook-posts, where one might expect a notification whenever something new is added to the calendar or Facebook-page. The possibility to send a push-notification is available in text-posts, image-posts (incl. image online), text&image-posts and YouTube-posts.


  • When saving, it will take about a minute before the push-notification will be sent out. If one regrets and deletes the post before the notifications is sent, it will all be deleted and nothing will be sent. 
  • If one later changes a post and wants to send out a new push-notification, one can send out a push-notification also for an existing post, by clicking "Send push-notification" and click "save" anew. 
  • Scheduling: Posts with scheduling will send a push-notification when the post is scheduled to be displayed the first time. This means that if you create a post that is to be displayed starting tomorrow at noon, that is when the push-notification will be sent. 
  • If one subscribes to several screens in the Go-app, and the administrator clicks for sending push-notifications to several of these screens, one will still only receive one notification per post.

Why do I not receive push-notifications?

  • iOS: On iOS you will receive notifications if you have allowed for this in the app. If you have not allowed for push-notifications on your iOS-device, you can do this under "Settings" -> "Notifications" -> "PinToMind Go".
  • Android: If you do not receive push-notifications, you have to update the app to the newest version from Google Play Store. In addition, if you have not allowed for push-notifications on your Android-device, you can do this under "Settings" -> "Notifications, and select "PinToMind Go". 

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