Setup on Samsung with SSSP1

💡Samsung has a built-in support for display of public screens on many of their screens. The platform is called SSSP, short for Samsung Smart Signage Platform.

Example of a screen of the type Samsung Smart Signage SSSP1 is Samsung ME46C.
❗️The screens do not have support for displaying video.

The screens are often delivered with a Windows set-back-box, but can also be run with a built-in player. This is the first generation of the built-in player, and set-up of the player happens in a system-menu that is not very easily accessible.

Selected screens from Samsung can get extended lifetime with a set-back-box from Samsung, a device that is attached to the back of the screen. With this, you get the newest software ( Tizen/SSSP6), which is our best recommendation. Read more on Samsung's website, and check if your screen is compatible with set-back-box from Samsung.

Configuring player

Follow this guide to start the display of your public screen.

  1. Turn the screen off
  2. Click MUTE – 1 – 8 – 2 – POWER ON
  3. Select Control
  4. Select LFD Option
  5. Select LFD Launcher
  6. Select Launcher Mode ON
  7. Select Server URL Setting and add the screen address/URL which you find in your list of screens.
  8. Go out of the menus (The return button), and turn the screen off
  9. Turn the screen on - and now it should start with your public screen in its built in browser

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