Samsung Smart Signage 3rd Generation (SSSP3)

Examples of screens in this generation is Samsung DB48E and Samsung DM48E.

Samsung has a built-in support for display of public screens on many of their screens. The platform is called SSSP, short for Samsung Smart Signage Platform.

The screens do not support display of video, and we recommend adding a Chromebox or the like if you want to display this. 

Factory settings

If the screen does not start in the guide (see below), it is often easiest to reset to factory settings.

  • Turn the screen off with the remote.
  • Click MUTE – 1 – 8 – 2 – POWER ON with the remote. This provides access to the system menu.
  • Go to "Options" and select "Factory reset" twice.
  • When the screen is totally off, turn it back on. The screen should now be back to factory settings.

Guide for player

Follow the steps in the guide below, and you will have your public screen up and going in no time! 

  1. Turn the screen on with the remote. A guide for configuration of new screen starts.
  2. Menu Language: Select ”English”
  3. Display Orientation: Select ”Landscape” or "Portrait"
  4. Auto Power Off: Select ”Off" (recommended)
  5. Network Settings:
    1. If wired network: Go further when network is found.
    2. If wireless network: Select network and add relevant code.
  6. Clock Set: Add correct date and time.
  7. Play via: Select ”URL Launcher”
  8. Add your screen address/URL.
  9. You do not need to name your screen
  10. Select ”URL Launcher” in the menu to start displaying.
  11. Turn the screen off and on again. The screen should now start to display automatically.

Automatic timer

We recommend adding an automatic timer, for instance that the screen would turn on at 7 am and off at 11 pm, in order prolong the lifespan of the screen and to save the environment. 

This is how you add an automatic timer:

  • Press the HOME-button
  • Select "On/Off Timer" and "On Timer"
  • Adjust to the time when you would like for the screen to turn on
  • Do the same for "Off timer"
  • Restart the display again by selecting "URL Launcher"

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