Samsung Smart Signage 5th Generation (SSSP5)

Samsung has a built-in support for display of public screens on many of their screens. The platform is called SSSP, short for Samsung Smart Signage Platform

Example of screen in this generation is  Samsung QH55H.

Get started - Install the PinToMind Player-app

    The first time you start your screen, you get to a guide. Follow the steps in the guide (see below), and you are started! 
    (If you have previously updated the firmware on the screen, follow the guide here).

  1. Turn down the volume ;-)
  2. Choose language (we use english on our screens and in our explanations)
  3. Choose if the screen will be mounted in portrait- or landscape-position.
  4. Auto power off - select "Off" 
    Note! - The screen will turn itself off after 4 hours if you do not change this
  5. Select and connect to network
  6. Set date and time
  7. Select "Play via URL Launcher", and enter url "
    Note! Enter the entire address, including "http://" with lowercase letters only.
  8. Add name for screen, or leave it empty.
  9. The guide is done - click DONE. The screen becomes black.
  10. Press the HOME-button. Select URL Launcher.
  11. The app will then be installed and started. Enter the screen-code. The screen will be started. 
    The screen-code is 5-6 letters and numbers in the end of the screen-address. You can find this in your list of screens. (i.e.
  12. Turn the screen off and on to check that the screen starts correctly at restart.

Change screen-code only?

Enter "007" with the remote, and the app will ask you to enter the screen-code.
You can also enter "005" with the remote, to load the content anew.

Automatic timer

We recommend adding an automatic timer, for example that the screen will automatically turn on at 7 am and off at 11 pm, to prolong the lifetime of the screen and to be environment-friendly.

This is how you can add an automatic timer:

  • Press the HOME-button
  • Select "On/Off Timer" and "On Timer"
  • Add the time for when you want the screen to turn on and select source "MagicInfo S/URL Launcher"
  • Do the same for the "Off timer"
  • Press the HOME-button. Select "PinToMind URL Launcher"
  • Turn the screen off and on to check that it starts correctly at restart.

Factory settings

If you are experiencing trouble with the screen, we recommend resetting it to factory settings.

  • Turn the screen off with the remote control
  • Click MUTE – 1 – 8 – 2 – POWER ON with the remote control. 
    When the screen starts, it gives access to the system menu.
  • Select "Options" in the first menu-selection, and then select "Factory reset" twice.
  • Turn the screen on again when it is totally off. The screen is now back to factory settings.

If this recipe does not work:

  • Turn the screen on, click "Source" on the remote control and change to DVI
  • Try following the steps above again

Update firmware

Firmware is the software that is built into the screen. In some cases, for example regarding display of video, an update of firmware can improve the display of content. Contact us at, and we will guide you through updating the firmware of your screen.

Questions? Contact us at