Use of Chromebox (and Chromebit)

The Chrome-devices that give new life to old screens

Do you have an old screen or tv that is not being used or that needs renewal? You can use it as a public screen! Chromebox (and Chromebit*) are good solutions to prolong the life of old screens. It is both cheap and environmentally friendly!

*Google has made changes and removed Chromebit from the market. If you already have a Chromebit, you can use it, but for new purchases, Chromebox applies.


Choose between Chromebox and Chromebit

Is it mainly news, text and information you want to display, or do you want to display many images and videos? Chromebit is small and cheap, but it has a somewhat smaller capacity than Chromebox, - other than that their uses are quite similar. If you plan to use Video-posts on the screen, we recommend Chromebox for a more stabile display.

Installation of PinToMind Player, allows Chrome-devices to automatically start display of the PinToMind public screen when they are turned on, and gives them a daily restart.

Chrome-upgrade (fmr. licence) on newer devices

Google demands a Chrome-upgrade for both Chromebit (after upgrading to Chrome 70) and for  "Chromebook, Chromebase and Chromebox from 2017 or later" to be able to use it in the kiosk mode that we recommend. This includes among others Asus Chromebox 3. The demand can include other new devices too, and can be expanded to include more.

We have set up a system for purchase of Chrome-upgrades from Google, so that you don't have to do this. We manage purchase of Chrome-upgrades and charge in the same way as for a subscription. The price per device is 40 EURO per year. The subscription keeps running, until you end the upgrade. Paid amounts will not be paid back even if the Chrome-upgrade ends.

Purchase and install

Chromebox can be ordered on the internet or from your hardware supplier.

If you do not have mouse and keyboard which you can connect with via USB, we recommend that you buy this at the same time.

Unpack, connect mouse, keyboard, screen and power, and install on the back of the screen - and you are ready to set up the display of your public screen!

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