Philips Signage Solution D-line display

Here you find guidelines for how to use the  Philips D-line as a public screen, if you have this type of screen. You can find information about the hardware we recommend, here

Start-up of a new screen

  • Hang the screen, connect to electricity and follow the steps for start-up and internet-connection.
  • Choices regarding configuring CMS, CMND etc. are not needed.

You can  reset to factory settings if you want to start set-up again.

Open display in browser

Follow the steps in the guide below, and you will get your public screen started in no time!

  • Click SOURCE on the remote.
  • Select "Browser"
  • Click on "Settings" under «Browser"
  • Enter the address "". Click ”OK”.
  • Then select the address in the list by clicking OK with the remote on the address.
    Afterwards click "Play".
  • Enter the screen-code for the screen (you find it in your list of screens), and the display will start. (Click OK on the remote for the keyboard to appear on the screen, to be able to enter the screen code.)

Set up automatic start in browser

  • Click on ⌂ HOME on the remote
  • Select "Configuration 1" -> "Start on source".
  • Select "Entrance" ◀ BROWSER ▶ and "Playlist: ◀ 1 ▶"
  • The screen will then automatically start up again when the browser is turned on..

Set timing

  • Click on ⌂ HOME on the remote
  • Select "Advanced" -> "Schedule" and add times for on and off.

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