Autostart on Windows with script

đŸ’¡This is information for setting up and using equipment for PinToMind. Although we have an instruction, it is not a recommendation. Find information about  equipment we recommend, on our website.
NOTE: This script is based on Internet Explorer and is planned to be phased out in 2021. The new PinToMind Player app for Windows that has been launched will replace this. More info about the transition can be found here.

We have a VisualBasic-script that you can download, which will start the screen-display automatically when you turn the screen on. This works well on most Windows machines.

  1. Install Google Chrome on the device that you wish to display the screen content on (if not installed) and deactivate warning regarding Internet Explorer not being the default browser.
  2. Log in on your PinToMind-accout and select screens in the menu on the top left .
  3. Make a note of the screen address CODEABC123. Example:
  4. Open the browser on the device that is going to display the content and enter this address + .vbs in the address-field. For example: This will start the download of a script/file which will be saved in the downloads-folder on the machine. 
  5. When the script is downloaded, move it to the startup-folder in the start-menu. Do not change the name of the file. With the script in the startup-folder, the information screen will start automatically in full screen when you turn the device on later. To end the display after starting the script, click ALT + F4.

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