Samsung screens with SSSP - our recommended screens

💡Samsung has built-in support for display of a public screen on several of their screens. We have very good experience with using these screens with the PinToMind software. The platform is called SSSP, - Samsung Smart Signage Platform.

We use SSSP-screens ourselves, and do continuous testing on them.

If you are going to buy a new screen, we recommend getting one of these, which has everything you need built into the screen! After an easy setup-guide, you are up and running, - they are easy to use and work well over time. 🖥💫😉

Setup-guides for the different generations of SSSP
(Newest on top of list)

Extend lifetime of older Samsung screens with set-back box

Selected screens from Samsung can be renewed with a so-called set-back-box, a device which gets attached to the back of the screen. With this, you get the newest software ( Tizen/SSSP6), which is our best recommendation. Read more on Samsung's website.

It is also possible to buy a set-back-box which is not locked to Samsung's screens. This is an elaborate process and something you would have to contact your hardware reseller about, and they would contact Samsung.

  • Samsung SBB-SS08NT2 - Set-back-box without lock.