Why is there no sound on my video-post? 🔈

  • Select Sound when creating or editing the Video-post or YouTube-post.

  • Check that the sound is turned on, and volume is turned up, on the device that displays the screen content. 

Autoplay policy for Chrome

A new update of Chrome (from version 66, April 2018) requires you to specifically allow the playing of YouTube with sound automatically on a Chrome device. 

Here's how to change this:

1. Log in on the Chrome device.
2. Open the Chrome-browser. Type chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy in the address field in the browser on the device.
3. Change 'Autoplay policy' from 'Default' to 'No user gesture is required'.
4. Confirm by clicking "Restart now"/"Relaunch now".
5. Restart the device.

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