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PinToMind 3

1. Go to Posts in the menu on the left side.

2. In order to create a post with text and image, click on "New Post", or click on "Several types of posts" in order to come to the menu for all types of posts.

3. Select the type of posts you want to create from the menu of posts.

4. Edit the post by entering the information you want to display. 

5. Select channel(s), and the area of the channel you want the post displayed in. You can display the same post on several channels, and in different areas.

6. Optional: Change Duration and add Priority and Scheduling

7. If you use the mobile app, PinToMind Go, you can enter extra information, more explanatory text, links and attachment, which will be displayed only in the mobile app, by clicking on the phone-icon. If you want to send a push-notification to those who subscribe to this content, select that you want to send a push-notification.

8. Preview the post in order to see what it will look like on your channel(s). Click outside the preview in order to return to the editing page. 

9. Save the post. 
By clicking at "..." you can choose to save and continue to edit the post, save as a copy, or delete the post. If you have not selected a channel, the post will be saved in the list of posts, but will not be displayed on any channel.

PinToMind Classic

1. Move the mouse pointer over "New post" in the upper right corner, when logged in to

2. Select post type in the drop down menu.

3. Edit the post by adding the information you wish to display.

Select Duration and Screen area
Select Priority and Scheduling if you wish to use this.

4. If you use the mobile app, PinToMind Go, and you wish to send a push notification to those subscribing to the content, choose to send a push notification

5. Select the screen(s) you wish to display the post on, and click Save. 
If you do not select a screen, the post will be saved in the Archive. 

Watch a short video on how to create a new post:

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