Master - to publish posts to different accounts

A Master-account is a solution for you who would like to publish posts to screens on several different accounts. 

A Master-account is free, and has no screens on its own, but other accounts are added as Minions, and one can publish posts from the Master-account to the screens on the Minion-accounts.
In order for an account to be added as a Minion under a Master-account, we need a confirmation by e-mail from an administrator on the regular account. 

"Headquarter feature" and central initiativ

The master account is the account for the headquarter; From the master-account one can spread common information to screens in the whole organisation with few keystrokes. One can also adjust set-up and layout for all screens in the organisation.

  • Posts from the Master account are displayed first in the scrolling of posts on each screen
  • Local accounts can see, but not edit posts from Master
  • A Master account has access to all screens on associated accounts
  • You can easily switch between being logged in to Master and associated accounts

Get started with Master!

  1. Create a new account without screens, and name the account something with Master.
  2. Contact us at and ask us to make this account a Master account.
  3. Administrators from the regular accounts need to contact us at to allow their accounts to be connected to the Master account.

Keep this in mind:

Posts published by Master, cannot be edited by the administrators of the Minion-accounts. They stay in a locked position. Therefore make sure that the posts do not need editing. It could be a good idea to give the posts an end-date under scheduling, so that they do not stay published for too long.