Update Firmware for Samsung Smart Signage SSSP4/SSSP5/SSSP6/SSSP10

NOTE: The process can take a while and is dependent on i.a. your local network. Do not interrupt the process, do not turn off the device or pull the plug while the update is in process. We can not take responsibility for your hardware, or any errors that may occur in this process, but we have up until now not experienced any cases where this has gone wrong.
💡If you find that this guide for firmware update does not work on your screen, you can try updating manually via USB. Instructions can be found here.

For the screens to work in the best way possible, both the firmware and our app should be updated. The firmware is the "operating system" in the screens, and our app is the "program", used to start and display the content.

Our app needs to be updated
The screen needs version 2.0.2, or higher, of the PinToMind Player app for it to be possible to update firmware. You can check the version of our app by pressing "INFO" on the remote control, and read the line that shows "APP.V".

To update the PinToMind Player app; leave and re-enter the app, or turn the screen off and on again. 

Control firmware on screen
To control firmware on the screen, and to check if you have the latest app-version. Press "INFO" on the remote control. 
At the bottom of the window you can check the status of the device (FW status). It will tell you if the screen is on the latest firmware or if there is a newer version.

Update firmware

To update firmware, press "A" + "A" + "1" on the remote control. ("A" is the red button on the lower part of the remote control.)

A window appears on the screen where you either press "2" to update firmware, or "0" to cancel.

The app then checks for newer firmware for this screen and starts downloading to the screen. You can keep track of how far you have come in the process. 

After the firmware is downloaded on the screen, the firmware update starts.  It is uncertain how long this process will take, but we have experienced that this can take up to 5 minutes. The text "flashes" to indicate that something is happening on the screen. 

After the update is complete, the screen will restart and hopefully everything will be updated and in order. You can then press "INFO" again to check for firmware updates.

Questions? Contact us at support@pintomind.com!