Can I display content from Microsoft Power BI? 📊

Power BI is a Microsoft analytics service to present data from various sources. Examples of usage are presenting numbers, graphs and visualizations to give an overview of employees, production or sales.

We do not have direct integration to present from Power BI, but there is an opportunity by using our post type to display webpage/URL and Power BI's solution for publishing reports to web.

Some reservations

  • When you use "Publish to web", anyone on the Internet can view your published report or visual. This requires no authentication and includes viewing detail level data your reports aggregate.
  • Displaying Power BI data requires a lot of the browser, and that it supports the latest web technology, on the physical information screen. Previewing on your own PC may look different than it appears on the physical screen. In our tests, it seems to work on newer screens from Samsung (from SSSP5, Tizen 3.0) and on Chrome OS.
  • We do not have control over the content shared from Power BI; changes can be made so that content may no longer be presentable on the information screens.
  • If you need help with Microsoft Power BI, we do not have the expertise or opportunity to help with this. In this case, we recommend that you contact your IT department or Microsoft Power BI provider.

How to display content from Power BI on PinToMind:

Start by following the Microsoft guide for publishing reports to web in Power BI. Copy the link provided when you follow the instructions.

Create a new post for displaying a Webpage/URL, and paste the link you copied from Power BI.

Example reports

Below are links to two example reports from Microsoft Power BI that can be used for testing.

New Hires:

Active Employees vs. Separations: