Sony BRAVIA™ Professional Displays

ℹ️This is information for setting up and using equipment for PinToMind, for Sony BRAVIA™ Professional Displays, with Android 9.0 and later.

Although we have a guide, it is not necessarily a recommendation. Find information about equipment we recommend, on our website.

❗️ NOTE! Sony BRAVIA™ Professional Displays does not support portrait display.

Installation of PinToMind Player

  1. Follow the startup instructions for your Android device and sign in with your Google account.
  2. Open Google Play Store and search for "PinToMind Player".
  3. Install the app.
  4. Open PinToMind PlayerThe screen displays a code.
  5. On another computer or mobile: Log in to, and enter the code now displayed on the screen to connect the device to your account.  
  6. Select which screen to display on the device under "SELECT A SCREEN". 
    You can change the screen displayed on this device, at any time. See info here.
  7. The screen you selected now starts displaying on your device.

Thats it! PinToMind Player is now installed and the device is ready for use.

Screens from Sony that support Pro mode can be set to start automatically with PinToMind Player on selected days and times. See instructions for this below.

Pro mode

  • Disable the Timer(s) and One Step setting menu bars located on the home screen. These can be confusing and override any time management. See the "Restricted Access" section of this guide.

The screen is set with three different modes;

  • Normal mode, - where the settings in Pro mode are hidden and the device works like another Android device.
  • Pro settings mode, - is the type "administration mode" for access to set advanced settings.
  • Pro mode, - operating mode, where Pro mode settings are used, but are hidden from the user.

A blue line appears at the top of the screen when Pro settings mode is active.

  • In Normal mode, switch to Pro settings mode by selecting Pro mode tool
    On the remote control, press; [HOME] and select Apps - Pro mode tool - Pro settings mode
  • Pro Settings mode, switch to Pro mode (operating mode):
    On the remote control, press;  [HOME] and select ⚙️ Settings - Pro settings - Start Pro mode - OK.
    (The screen turns black and restarts in Pro mode. First you see the start menu, and after a little while the screen starts PinToMind Player, if all the settings are done.)
  • In Pro settings mode, switch to Normal mode by selecting Pro mode tool
    On the remote control, press; [HOME] and select Apps - Pro mode tool - Normal mode
  • In Pro mode, switch to Pro settings mode with the following command on the remote control;
    Info + Mute + Volume up + Home

Always on and and source selection

To ensure that the screen starts after a possible power failure and that PinToMind Player starts as the selected "source", the following is done;

Select;  ⚙️ Settings - Pro settings -Initial input source - Android app.
Scroll down the list and select PinToMind Player. Press up again and select OK.

Select; ⚙️ Settings - Pro settings - AC power on. 
Change to  Always On.

Automatic time management and restart

To activate time settings, the screen must be in Pro settings mode.

Select; ⚙️ Settings - Pro settings - Power Scheduling.
Here, Power Scheduling is activated and you can set the desired times and days.

If the screen is to be on 24/7, we recommend a regular restart, preferably once a day.
This can be set by selecting:  ⚙️Settings - Pro settings - Periodic restart. Set the desired times and days.

Restricted Access

To prevent the screen from being used for other purposes, we recommend that you disable access to other functions and apps.


Select;  ⚙️Settings - Pro settings - Apps.
In the list of installed apps, select Enable for PinToMind Player, and for the remaining apps not to be used: Disable.


Select; ⚙️Settings - Pro settings - External inputs.
Here you can deactivate ports that are not to be used.

Screen sharing

Select;  ⚙️Settings - Pro settings - Screen mirroring.
Disable this if you do not want others to be able to share content to the screen over the network.

PIN code for Pro mode settings

To prevent others from accessing the settings in Pro mode, you can activate a PIN code on the individual screen.

⚠️ NOTE: We only recommend this setting if the monitor is in an environment where abuse and vandalism may occur. The screen cannot be reset if the PIN code is forgotten.

Select;  ⚙️Settings - Pro settings - Pro mode lock.
Select Enable.

Reset the Sony-device to factory settings

Select; ⚙️ Settings - Device Preferences - Reset - Factory data reset - Erase everything