Ugoos AM6 og X3 (Android 9.0)

If you already have a screen but need something that can display your content, Ugoos AM6B Plus with Android is our first choice. Connect the Ugoos box behind the screen, follow our set-up guide below, and continue using the screen you already have! ♻️
No license fees! ✓ Remote control (keyboard not necessary) and HDMI-cable is included! ✓

💡This is information for setting up and using equipment for PinToMind. Find information about equipment we recommend, on our website.

🔌 This is a guide for Ugoos devices running Android 9.0. The guide is written for the models AM6 and X3.
🛒Information about where you can buy Ugoos devices can be found here. You can also contact Assist, our partner in Norway.


The first time you start your Ugoos device, you need to choose which home menu to use. We recommend "Launcher3" which increases user-friendliness. Press "ALWAYS" to avoid having to select this again later.

Navigate to "Settings" followed by "Network & Internet" and connect to your wireless network.

We recommend to update the device to the latest version:

  • Navigate to "Settings" -> "Device Preferences" -> "About" -> "System Update" -> "CHECK NOW".

Do you want to give the device a restart every night?

  • Navigate to "Settings" followed by "Ugoos settings" /"X3 settings" (depending on model) -> "ROOT" and select "Install root" -> "SuperSU".

  Installation of PinToMind Player

  1. Open Google Play Store and log in with your Google user.
  2. Search for "PinToMind Player".
  3. Install the app.
  4. Open PinToMind PlayerLogg in to on another computer or mobile, and enter the code on the screen to connect the device to your account.  
  5. Select which screen to display on the device under "SELECT A SCREEN". 
    You can change the screen displayed on this device, at any time. See info here.
  6. The screen you selected now starts displaying on your device.
  7. Provide the necessary access to the app, with "Allow" and "Grant".

Thats it! PinToMind Player is now installed and the device is ready for use.

Did you not give access? Or have you changed your mind about restarting at night? No problem:

  • When you are in the app, press (with remote control) "Centre-Up-Left-Down-Down" and give access with "Grant". The device restarts and PinToMind starts automatically.

Shortcuts in PinToMind Player

Once the display has started, you can use these shortcuts (with remote control):

  • "Up-Up-Down-Down" reloads the content of the display.
  • "Middle-Up-Left-Down-Down" restarts the app.

  • Change clock

    1. Navigate to "Settings".
    2. In the list, select "Device Preferences" -> "Date & time".
    3. Make sure that "Automatic date & time" is active. 
    4. Select "Set time zone" and find your time zone.

    Remove status bar

    1. Navigate to "Settings".
    2. In the list, select "Ugoos settings" -> "System bars".
    3. Turn off "Show status bar" and "Show navigation bar".

    Change screen resolution

    1. Navigate to "Settings".
    2. In the list, select "Device Preferences" -> "Display" -> "Screen resolution"
    3. Under "Display Mode" select screen resolution.

    Delete app

    1. Navigate to "Settings".
    2. In the list, select "Apps" -> "PinToMind Player".
    3. Select option to uninstall the app.

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