PinToMind license for hotel rooms 🏨


Display PinToMind screen as a channel on hotel rooms' TVs

Do you have PinToMind's info screens in the hotel? With our additional package HOSPITALITY you can display PinToMind as a channel on hotel-TVs, so that the guests can read the content from their hotel rooms. 

💡 On the hotel TV you can display all the information your guests need. From opening hours for reception, breakfast and gym, to menu in restaurant and bar, and info about the hotel's facilities and surroundings. Show information about offers, events, security information, wifi and passwords, and much more. When the information changes, you update it quickly and easily in all hotel rooms with a few keystrokes. 🙌

Hotel-TV is an additional package

Displaying on hotel-TV is an additional package on top of an ordinary subscription. Select option package depending on how many hotel rooms you have. Find more information and prices here.
Contact us if you want to order an additional packade for hotel-TV, for your PinToMind-account.

Skapa en ny skärm som visas på hotellrummen

The hotel-TV should be defined as one screen in our system. When you publish content, you choose what to display there. Remember to set aside a screen for the TV channel in the hotel rooms.
It is easy to add a new screen on your account, under "Menu" - "Screens".

Hotel-TV must be through signal-splitter

The system for hotell-TV must have only one connection to our system, and forward this to the hotel-TVs. The same content is displayes on all TVs.

See also separate support article about the possibility of using signal splitter on up to 3 screens, here.

Must display watermark

The watermark displaying "PinToMind" has to be visible on the channel that is marked as hotel-TV.


In order to use the HOSPITALITY-license a Set-Back-Box is needed (eg. Ugoos-, Chrome-, or Windows-device), which is installed together with the hotel's/facility's own distribution system/signaling system.

Questions? Contact us at!