Update browser on Ugoos AM6

💡 This guide applies to those of you who have problems with URL posts not being displayed correctly on your Ugoos AM6.👉 The solution is to manually update the browser in the Ugoos device, by following the guide below.

Update browser on Ugoos AM6

1. Install "Android System WebView" either from Google Play Store or via sideloading.

Google Play Store: 


2. After installing the new version of "Android System WebView", you need to deactivate the old version of "Android System Webview".

  • Go to "Settings" -> "Apps" -> "See all apps" -> "Show system apps"
  • Find "Android System WebView" and select "Disable". (See images below.)

NOTE: After installing a new version from Play Store or sideloading, there will be two apps with the same name. Deactivate the oldest version. The oldest version has version number 66 and is also the one with the lowest MB.

Ugoos will then use the latest version of "Android System WebView", and the built-in browser will use the latest version of Chrome (as of November 2022 the version is Chrome 107).

If you do not have a mouse and keyboard that can be connected to the Ugoos device, you can update from Google Play in the browser on your PC:

  1. Log in with your Google account on the Ugoos device.
  2. Log in with the same Google account in the browser on your PC.
  3. Go to Google Play in the same browser on your PC.
  4. Search for Android System Webview and click install.
  5. Select the Ugoos device as the device you want to install on and click install.