Installation of PinToMind Player on Vestel displays

💡 This is a guide for setting up and using equipment for PinToMind, for Vestel screens using Android.

Examples of Vestel screens with Android are PN-D, PF-D, PR-D, XD-D and XN-D.

ℹ️ Although we have a guide, it is not a recommendation. Find information about equipment we recommend, on our website.

Installation of PinToMind Player

We use English as the on-screen language in our guide.

  1. Download "PinToMind Player" from
  2. Copy the fil with the file type ".apk" to a FAT-formated USB-storage device.
  3. Connect the USB-storage device to one of the USB inputs on the screen.
  4. Open "Applications" -> "AppInstaller" from the Home screen. Select your connected USB storage device and press "OK". Select "PinToMind Player" and press "OK". Then select "INSTALL" to continue.
  5. The app is being installed. (You can now find the app under "Applications" on the Home screen.)
  6. Start PinToMind Player on your device. The screen displays a code.
  7. On another computer or mobile: Log in to your PinToMind-account in, and enter the code on the screen to connect the device to your account.
  8. Select which screen to display on the device under "SELECT A SCREEN". 
    You can change the screen displayed on this device, at any time. See info here.
  9. The screen you selected now starts displaying on your device.

Set automatic start

  1. Select "Signage Settings" from the Home screen. (To get to the Home screen, press "EXIT" on the remote control.)
  2. Open "Power Up Settings" -> "Auto Lauch" -> "Select Application", and select "PinToMind Player".
  3. Go back to save.

Automatic timer

  1. Select "Signage Settings" from the Home screen.
  2. Select "Scheduler Settings" and set up a "Plan".
  3. Set up "On Time" and "Off Time" for when you want the screen to turn on and off.
  4. Choose which days this should apply.
  5. Select "Select Application" and "PinToMind Player" to launch the app on startup.
  6. Check off "Plan Enable" to save the setting.

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