Release 24/04/2023

This update contains many improvements related to the Text & Image-post in PinToMind 3. There are a number of bug fixes and several adjustments to make the post better for the future.

Some may find that posts that have already been published may look a little different, this especially applies to posts where the image appears next to the text. In this case, you can edit the post and adapt.

  • Display the whole image in a box in the post (like Auto in PinToMind Classic).
  • Set color on icons and backgrounds on boxes.
  • Change the size of emoji and icons.
  • Categories of icons and emoji to make it easier to find the ones you want to use.
  • Many new icons to choose from.
  • Several color choices in tables.
  • Several color choices for text.
  • Articles from our support pages are now integrated into the sidebar.
  • Greater similarity between the editor and the display of posts.
  • Facebook, Instagram and RSS adjusts better in several different areas.
  • Possible to add resources without going via post.

Various bug fixes have also been made.