Release Notes

Release 12/09/23

  • Some visual changes around inserting resources into a post. The goal is to make it a little easier to reuse resources.
  • It is now possible to search by location in the world clock post instead of choosing a time zone. These places can also be reused in the weather post.
  • We have added a toolbar with simple formatting options in the extra text field for posts in PinToMind Go.
  • New calendar features
    • Support for splitting multi-day events into multiple events so that it becomes clearer that they last over several days.
    • Option to show calendar name as a label on the events.
    • Various bug fixes.
  • Instagram: PinToMind Classic users get back only one image per post, PinToMind 3 users can choose whether they want to show one or all of the images.
  • Stability improvements for those who have experienced screens not updating in recent weeks.

Release 30/08/2023 

  • Big release with the launch of Network. Will be presented in more detail on our website in connection with the official launch of PinToMind 3.
  • Full screen display possible for all posts.
  • The customer has the option to close access to the account for support.
  • We are introducing logging of access to accounts for support etc.
  • Fixed copy and paste and drag and drop for images in the text & image-post
  • Instagram
    • Shows all images (even if there are several in one post).
    • It is indicated in the display when a post is a video.
  • Firmware upgrade is now available via the user interface (Tizen/Samsung and webOS/LG).
  • Swipe in most lists to be able to delete etc., in the user interface on mobile.
  • Automatic deletion of resources, images and channels that have been deleted for more than 15 days.
  • Space for more letters in the account name abbreviation that shows in the side bar.
  • Ability to sort and mark accounts as favorites for membership on multiple accounts.

Release 22/06/2023

  • PinToMind 3 Beta is now standard when registering new accounts

  • Fixed a few bugs with video in PinToMind 3
  • Screens from Samsung with SSSP10 will still need newest firmware to work
  • Added support for 10 posts from Instagram / Facebook
  • Removed option to create new Twitter posts
  • Fixed sorting of posts to be sent correctly to screen

Release 08/05/2023

  • Solved problem where "Remember me" when logging in didn't work.
  • Solved problem where to press channels in the side panel on iPad didn't work.
  • Possibility for two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Small text adjustments around 2FA.
  • Updated version on Samsung Tizen app to version 2.2.0.
  • Customers who until now have had the discontinued price-plan Pro: When changing the number of screens, these are moved over to price-plan Large.
  • Updating of firmware on Tizen via app posted for internal testing.
  • Fixed drag-and-drop for devices that have both touch input and mouse input.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Unsplash images from being used as backgrounds on themes.
  • Added support for auto-sizing Unsplash images.

Release 24/04/2023

This update contains many improvements related to the Text & Image-post in PinToMind 3. There are a number of bug fixes and several adjustments to make the post better for the future.

Some may find that posts that have already been published may look a little different, this especially applies to posts where the image appears next to the text. In this case, you can edit the post and adapt.

  • Display the whole image in a box in the post (like Auto in PinToMind Classic).
  • Set color on icons and backgrounds on boxes.
  • Change the size of emoji and icons.
  • Categories of icons and emoji to make it easier to find the ones you want to use.
  • Many new icons to choose from.
  • Several color choices in tables.
  • Several color choices for text.
  • Articles from our support pages are now integrated into the sidebar.
  • Greater similarity between the editor and the display of posts.
  • Facebook, Instagram and RSS adjusts better in several different areas.
  • Possible to add resources without going via post.

Various bug fixes have also been made.

Release 24/03/2023

We are nearing the launch of PinToMind 3 and have a load of updates that will bring us closer to this goal. Many of the updates are for those who are beta testers of PinToMind 3, and also some changes and improvements for PinToMind Classic.

  • Increased security with common login for new PinToMind 3 (Beta) and Classic
    • Users can request a link via email to reset their password, passwords are no longer sent in text via email.
    • Requirement for invited users to enter a new password.
    • Classic also uses a new system for inviting new users (same as in PinToMind 3).
    • Possibility to choose language on all pages where the user is not logged in.
    • New account selection page when you are a member of multiple accounts.
    • Common signup-page for PinToMind 3 and Classic.
    • Requirement that the user chooses own password when registering.

  • PinToMind 3
    • Trial, activation, upgrade and downgrade available.
    • Better validation of cards added to Stripe (payment by card).
    • Ability for super-admin to change the account to PinToMind 3 to the permanent version, instead of Classic.
    • Forces watermark on the screen, unless the price plan supports being able to remove this.
    • Removes «Import from Classic» when the account has PinToMind 3 as the permanent version.

    • Improved sign-up and get-started when using mobile.
    • History added to account page.
    • Better sorting of media collections.
    • Create a new account/department without logging out.
    • Several new, nice and informative emails.
    • Connect: Clarifies account when connecting to screen and you are a member of several accounts.

  • The world clock is now ticking away in PinToMind Go (mobile app).
  • Various bug fixes.

Release 07/03/2023

We have increased the security regarding passwords, which now require at least 10 characters + numbers and upper and lower case letters.

Release 02/03/2023

Screen address hidden

We have hidden the screen address/screen code in the list of screens, and now only refer to start with the PinToMind Player app and connect/live. If someone still needs the screen address, this can now be found under "Settings" for the screen and the "Security" tab.

In addition, it is possible to connect a device directly, without having to select it after connection.

Date format

We have made a major clean-up in relation to date formatting. This has most impact in PinToMind 3, where you can now choose English with a 12-hour clock (am/pm) and a 24-hour clock.

Devices -> Screens

In PinToMind 3 "Devices" have become "Screens". 

Release 19/06/2023

  • We have had to remove support for Twitter. Read more on our blog: No longer possible to display Twitter.
  • Fixed correct number of characters in password hint text.
  • Linguistic changes in 2FA.
  • Updated Facebook API from v10 to v17.
  • General bug fixes.