Give priority to posts

ℹ️ Do you have a post that you think is particularly important? With priority of posts, you can decide that a post shall be displayed more often, less often or all the time.

In combination with scheduling, this provides exciting possibilities, - for example if you have a message that it is important that people get to see today.

With Priority a post can be displayed more than once per round or less than once per round. Default priority, if you don't change anything, will always be once per round.

Give higher priority

  • 2x per round: The post will be displayed twice per round.
  • Between all posts: The post will be displayed between all the other posts in the area.
  • Take over the area: The post will be the only one displayed in its area. Combined with scheduling, this can be a great way to get an important message through to everyone for a few hours before the post is removed, and everything is back to normal. 
  • Take over channel: The post will be the only one displayed on the channel, and will therefore fill the whole screen. When the post is removed, everything will go back to normal. 

Give lower priority

  • Every other round: The post will be displayed every other round.
  • Once an hour: The post will be displayed once it is published, and then the display is repeated once an hour.

Tip: Combine with scheduling

Posts with priority can like other posts be scheduled. You can select for them to be displayed at certain fixed times every week, or for periods defined by date and time. You can add that every Friday afternoon there will be displayed only "Happy Weekend" on the whole screen, or you can make a special welcome post for Tuesday of next week for the guests you know you will be having then. 

If you have an important message that everyone has to see today, you can add it and give it priority. You can also schedule it for "today", and tomorrow the screen will be back to normal. 🎉

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