Display PinToMind Go in Microsoft Teams

ℹ️ It is possible to display the content from a PinToMind channel, in Teams.

Use the sharing address for the mobile app, and the content from the PinToMind channel can be displayed in a mobile format also in Teams. You can scroll up and down, and click to read more where, e.g. links to external pages are included.

Do this:

  1. On the PinToMind account:

    a. Share the channel to the mobile app, PinToMind Go with an open sharing code, by going to #Channel -> "⚙️Settings" -> "📱 Sharing". The full guide for sharing a channel to the mobile app can be found here.

    b. If the channel is already shared to PinToMind Go with an open sharing code, go to: #Channel -> "⚙️Settings" -> "📱 Sharing".

  2. Tick to allow browser-access.
  3. Copy the address for sharing (Eksempel: https://app.pintomind.com/go/demo1)
  4. Go to Microsoft Teams and select "Team".
  5. In the Channel in Teams you want to share the mobile display of the channel, press "+" to add a tab.
  6. Select "Website".
  7. Paste the address you copied. Name the tab, e.g. "PinToMind Go".
  8. Select "Publish to channel about this tab" if you want to let others in the team know about the new tab.
  9. Save. ✅
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