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ℹ️ With PinToMind Go you can easily share the content of your screen with staff, students or others in your organization. They will be able to see your content in a great app for mobile phones and tablets, or on their own PC. 

The content is the same as on the info screen, but with an adapted design. On the mobile, you don't want to sit and wait for posts to "roll by" like on a screen. Here the posts are displayed in a reader-friendly list that you can scroll through in your own pace.

  • PinToMind Go is included in all our subscriptions.
  • PinToMind Go is free to download for mobile and tablet from AppStore and GooglePlay.

Test and be inspired by our demo channel

If you want to test you can enter the sharing code "demo" in the mobile app, or view the mobile content in your browser:, to see some great possibilities. 📱✨

Get started with PinToMind Go

This is how to share a channel to the mobile app in PinToMind 3:

  1. In a browser; log in to your PinToMind-account in In the left menu, click in the channel you want to share to the mobile app, PinToMind Go.
  2. Click on "⚙️SETTINGS" and then "📱 SHARING".

You now have two different options for how you can share this channel:

  • Open sharing code - Anyone with the code will be able to follow the channel. Use the code that the system creates, or change the code to what you want*. E.g. something easy to remember, write and share.
  • Only for invited - Invite individually via e-mail. This gives control over who has access to the content.
  1. Choose which option you want from the two above and press "START SHARING".

*Have you used PinToMind Go before, in PinToMind Classic?

If you want, you can continue to use the same sharing code that you used in PinToMind Classic. Then the users will get this new channel with posts from the channel in PinToMind 3 instead of the old screen, without them having to change the code in their mobile devices.

  1. You can decide whether you want to grant access to the channel via browser. If you want people to be able to open the share link from Go in a browser, you need to tick this box under Go settings on your channel.
  2. Optional: Several sharing codes for the same channel. You can create as many sharing codes as you wish, on a channel. When entered in the mobile app, they will all display content from the channel. It can be useful, for example, if you want to create a new code, but not lose those who subscribe to the old code, or if you want to use different codes for different target groups but point to the same channel.
  3. Inform your audience that they can download PinToMind Go to their mobile devices and follow the channel.

    - If you invite by e-mail, the recipient automatically receives instructions in the e-mail.

    - If you share the channel with an open sharing code, you can promote this with a special post on your screen, "PinToMind Go - Promo", that you can find in the list of posts. Or you can inform or send out the sharing code to your audience in another way.

The Promo post includes a QR code option, making it incredibly easy for your audience to find and follow your Go channel. This feature can be turned on or off in the post. In addition, displaying the Go Promo QR code in the corner of the Clock post offers another excellent visibility option.

Download PinToMind Go to mobile device

Download PinToMind Go for iOS/Android on your smart phone or tablet. You will find the app on AppStore or GooglePlay, depending on your device.

The app is also available as Infoskjermen Go, Infoskjermen is the Norwegian "mother" of PinToMind.

Test and be inspired by our demo channel

If you want to test you can enter the sharing code "demo" in the mobile app, or view the mobile content in your browser:, to see some great possibilities. 📱✨

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