Introduction to use of Android

🤖When using the PinToMind Player app for Android, you can display content on selected devices running Android 8.0 or later.

⚙️We test hardware continuously and equipment that we recommend after testing is added to our list of recommended hardware.

☝️There are many devices running Android, and it is not possible for us to have a full overview, but we are happy to give some advice along the way.

If you purchase new equipment, it is a great advantage if the device supports the following:

Devices for use on existing screen

Today there are many Android devices for the consumer market that can be used. The challenge with these is that they lack support for one or more of the above points and some have poor performance. One advantage is that they are cheap to buy and have a simple user interface for installation and use.

Examples of this kind of equipment; Google Chrome Cast TV (2020), Xiaomi Mi Box S (2019), Nvidia Shield TV (2019), Nvidia Shield TV PRO (2019) and more.

💡 If you want to try such a device, it is possible to run a "manual timer" with a timer in the wall socket, and possibly in combination with a "Smart House solution".

Contact us if you have tips or suggestions for equipment we should look into.

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