Introduction to use of Windows

ℹ️ It has always been possible to display PinToMind on Windows, and this is where it all started. The full-screen Chrome browser was all you needed. This has been the case for over 10 years and along the way we also developed our own script for autostart and full screen display. Now the PinToMind Player app for Windows replaces the script, and we thank the script for serving us well for a long time. 🏅The script, which used the old and no longer supported Internet Explorer browser, is no longer up to date or available, and we encourage everyone using the script to change to using  the PinToMind Player app.  Read more on our blog.

PinToMind Player app from Windows Store

With Windows 10/11 and the Windows Store, we wanted to make it even easier and have therefore released our own Player app for Windows, which can be downloaded to your device. Guide for installing the PinToMind Player app from the Windows Store can be found here


For those devices that do not have access to Windows Store, the PinToMind Player app can also be Sideloaded. The guide for Sideloading can be found here.

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