Setup on Samsung Signage with Tizen 7.0

💡Samsung has a built-in support for display of public screens on many of their screens.

Examples of screens of the type Samsung Signage Tizen 7.0 are Samsung QH50C, QB50C and QM50C.

Get started - Install the PinToMind Player app

The first time you start your screen, you get to a guide. Follow the steps in the guide (see below), and you are started!

🖥️ Has the PinToMind Player app already been installed, and the screen displays a code? Go to point 15.

❗️ If your screen has already been in use, first reset the screen to factory settings before following the guide below, from the start.

  1. Turn down the volume ;-)
  2. Select language (we use English ("Hi!") on our screens and guides).
  3. Accept or "Skip" Privacy Policy for Smart Signage.
  4. Select "Manual Setup" as installation type.
  5. Choose if the screen will be mounted in portrait, landscape or auto position.
  6. Under "PlaySelection" select "Custom App", and type url: 

    NB! Enter the entire address, including "https://" with lowercase letters only!

    If https:// doesn't work on your screen, try http://.

  7. Select "Go" to go back to where you selected "Custom App". Click the right arrow on the remote control to continue. 
  8. Select "Skip" for Connect to RM Server.
  9. Auto power off - selevy "Off". NB! -  The screen will turn itself off after 4 hours if you do not change this.
  10. Set date and time and click the right arrow on the remote control to continue. 
  11. Set pin code or use default PIN (000000).
  12. The guide is done - click DONE. The screen becomes black and starts again.
  13. Select «Custom App». (Press the HOME-button if the menu is not displayed.)
  14. The PinToMind Player app will then be installed and started. The screen displays a code. 
  15. a. If you use PinToMind 3On another computer or mobile: Log in to your PinToMind-account. Go to "Screens" in the left menu and select "+ CONNECT A NEW SCREEN".

    b. If you use PinToMind ClassicOn another computer or mobile: Log in to your PinToMind-account in

  16. Enter the code now displayed on the screen, to connect the device to your account.  
  17. Select which channel (PinToMind 3) or screen (PinToMind Classic) to display on the device.

    You can change the channel/screen displayed on this device, at any time. 

  18. The channel/screen you selected now starts displaying on your device.
  19. Turn the screen off and on to check that the screen starts correctly at restart.

Automatic timer

We recommend adding an automatic timer, for example that the screen will automatically turn on at 7 am and off at 11 pm, to prolong the lifetime of the screen and to be environment-friendly.

This is how you can add an automatic timer:

  1. Press HOME on the remote contol and select "Settings".
  2. Select "On/Off Timer" and "On Timer".
  3. Add the time for when you want the screen to turn on and select source "Custom App".
  4. Do the same for "Off timer".
  5. When done, close "On/Off Timer" and start the "PinToMind" app again.
  6. Turn the screen off and on to check that it starts correctly at restart.

Mobile Connection Lock

Optional: Restrict other devices in your network, such as smartphones and tablets from sharing content with your signage. 

  1. Press MENU on the remote control.
  2. Select "System" - "Security" - "Mobile Connection Lock".
  3. Change to ON.

Reset screen to factory settings

If you are experiencing trouble with the screen, or if it has been used before, we recommend resetting it to factory settings.

  1. Turn the screen off with the remote control
  2. Click MUTE – 1 – 8 – 2 – POWER ON with the remote control. When the screen starts, it gives access to the system menu.
  3. Select "Options" in the first menu-selection, and then select "Factory reset" twice.
  4. Turn the screen on again when it is totally off. The screen is now back to factory settings.

Change Display Orientation Portrait/Landscape

  1. Press "EXIT" on the remote control to exit the PinToMind Player app.
  2. Then press "MENU" on the remote control. Select "OnScreen Display" and "Display Orientation".
  3. Select "Landscape" or "Portrait".
  4. Press "HOME" and select the PinToMind app to return to the PinToMind screen display.

Change network

  1. Press "MENU" on the remote control
  2. Select "Network" -> "Open Network Settings" and follow the network setup guide.
  3. Press "HOME" and select the "PinToMind" app to return to the PinToMind display.

Update firmware

Firmware is the software that is built into the screen. In some cases, for example regarding display of video, an update of firmware can improve the display of content. See guide here for updating the firmware of your screen.

Tip: You can press "005" on the remote, to load the content anew.

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