How to switch to a secure screen connection

ℹ️ For a long time, the screen display from PinToMind was started by entering a unique screen address (e.g. in the address field of the browser.

The PinToMind Player app has been developed for several operating systems, and is recommended for screen display on the physical devices.

❗️We are no longer using the screen address, but now use a simpler, safer and better solution for screen display, also for physical devices not compatible with PinToMind Player.

To be able to use PinToMind 3, you either need to install the PinToMind Player app, or start /live-display in the browser.

  • Install the PinToMind Player app

If you have a device that can install the PinToMind Player app, e.g. Samsung Tizen, Chrome, Windows, Android, webOS (LG) or Raspberry Pi, find the guide for downloading the PinToMind Player app and start the screen display here


  • Start /live-display in browser

We recommend using PinToMind Player to be able to use all features and post types, but if you don't have a device with one of the operating systems above, you will find the way to start /live-display in a browser here.

Safer connection between screen and system🔒

With the new connection method, it is not an open screen address (url) that is used for display. Instead, you now authenticate the equipment you are going to use, so that you have full control over who has access to your content.

More flexible for you 🔁

It will be easier for you to select which one of the channels on your account that you want to display on the physical device. If you want to display other content, you can now log in to your account and easily change which channel is displayed on the physical screen.

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