Manage users

ℹ️ All subscription plans in PinToMind 3 can have an unlimited number of users. Add as many users as you want, and collaborate on managing the content and screens. Give everyone the same user access or choose different access levels.

User management is found by clicking "Account" in the left menu, and the "Users" tab. Users with Account Owner and Admin roles can manage users on the account.

Invite new user

Select "Account" and go to the "Users" tab. Press "Invite" and enter the name and email address of the person you want to invite as a new user, and assign a user role. An e-mail with invitation and information will be sent to the user.

Customize user access

Different user roles give different rights and access. User roles can be changed both during the invitation and later. Click on the user to change the user role.

  • ACCOUNT OWNER has all rights to the account, including payment and invoicing.

    An Account Owner cannot change its own user to an admin, channel-host, or post-editor. Another Account Owner on the account must change this. The account can have several users with this role.

  • ADMIN has all rights on this account, except for payment and invoicing.
  • EDITOR can by default create and edit own posts, and publish these to selected channels. It is possible to customize the Editor's permissions, and give the Editor rights to:

    change settings on selected channels (Eg. select layout, create and change own themes, and copy other themes that the editor has not created.)

    change other users' posts on selected channels.

    Remember to select channels that this user should have access to.

    If you do not give the Editor access to any channel, this user can only save his own posts, but not publish to the channel. They end up in the list of all posts, and can then be published to the channel by an Admin or Account Owner.

Same user on several accounts

A user can be a member of several accounts. Upon logging in, you will be given a choice as to which account you want to manage. When logged in, you can change accounts by clicking on the accounts in the list on the left, or click on your profile at the bottom left, and select an account under "Membership".

If you have several memberships, you can change the order in the sidebar and choose which should be visible and which should not. Find more info here.

Remove user

If for any reason a user is no longer relevant on the account, we recommend removing it. The old user can be removed by clicking on the trash can to the right of the user's name.

  • You must have administrator access to be able to do this.
  • It is not possible to delete the user you are logged in with.
  • If you are an Account Owner and want to remove another Account Owner's user from the account, you must first change the user access to another lower role, before you can then remove it.

Select timezone for user

By choosing their own time zone in their user profile, the administration pages will be displayed with the user's local time.

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