Installation of PinToMind Player for Raspberry Pi

💡 This is information for setting up and using equipment for PinToMind. Although we have a guide, it is not necessarily a recommendation. Find information about equipment we recommend, on our website.


  • PinToMind Player can run on Raspberry Pi 5 and Raspberry Pi 4.
  • Raspberry Pi comes as a self-assembly kit and requires some technical knowledge.
  • The Player app for Raspberry Pi is in beta version. Get in touch if you have feedback or questions.

🛒 You may want to buy a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit as you get all the equipment you need in one package and the official parts that we know work. Otherwise, you need the following parts to run PinToMind on a Raspberry Pi:

  • Raspberry Pi 5 or Raspberry Pi 4 (Preferably 4/8 GB RAM)
  • Power adapter
  • Micro SD card
  • HDMI to micro HDMI-cable 
  • Cabinet (Optional, but recommended)
  • Windows or Mac with SD-card-input

If all the conditions above are in place, let's start!  😊

  1. Download BalenaEtcher ( for the operating system on your PC. (Other SD card flashing software will work too, but this is our recommendation.)
  2. Download the latest PinToMindOS from:, you do not need to unpack the file.
  3. Insert the Micro SD card into your computer.
  4. Open BalenaEtcher, and select "Flash from file".

  5. Navigate to and select the file you downloaded.
  6. Click "Select target".
  7. From the list of devices, select the SD card and check the box next to its name. Click "Select" to confirm. 🚨 Make sure you choose the right SD card, as all data on the card will be deleted!

  1. Click on "Flash!" to start the flashing process. This will take a few minutes.

  1. Wait for the flashing to complete. A message will appear and it is safe to remove the memory card.

Setup and network

  1. Insert the SD card into a Raspberry Pi connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and Ethernet cable if you want to use a wired network.
  2. Then connect the power cable. The Raspberry Pi needs a minute or two to get ready.
  3. Under "Select product" select PinToMind (Infoskjermen is us too, but in Norway).
  4. Select the screen rotation you want. This can also be changed later.
  5. Under "Select network" find your network and enter the password. Can be changed later.
  6. Press "Connect".

Start screen display

  1. Select "Go to screen!"
  2. The PinToMind Player app will start. The screen displays a code. 
  3. a. If you use PinToMind 3On another computer or mobile: Log in to your PinToMind-account. Go to "Screens" in the left menu and select "+ CONNECT A NEW SCREEN".

    b. If you use PinToMind ClassicOn another computer or mobile: Log in to your PinToMind-account in

  4. Enter the code now displayed on the screen, to connect the device to your account.  
  5. Select which channel (PinToMind 3) or screen (PinToMind Classic) to display on the device.

    You can change the channel/screen displayed on this device, at any time. 

  6. The channel/screen you selected now starts displaying on your device.

Change screen rotation

  1. Press Ctrl+i to return to the settings page.
  2. Select new screen rotation.
  3. Select "Go to screen!" to go back.

Change network

  1. Press Ctrl+i to return to the settings page.
  2. Select "Connect to another network" and select network.
  3. Select "Go to screen!" to go back.

Questions? Contact us at!

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