IP adresses and firewall

ℹ️ The following information is for you who need to open firewall access.

Display an information screen

To display an information screen on your network, you must open outbound traffic to these domains:







We use port 80 for http and port 443 for https.

Open for external services

If you also want to display content from external services, you must allow this in your firewalls:

  • Images from Instagram, Facebook og Twitter
  • Video from Youtube
  • External images

URL-posts do not go through us, and can be displayed without the need to be available externally. It is possible to e.g. post a web page that is accessible to the screen (on a local network) but not available externally.

Download resources

If you want to allow us to retrieve and update resources from your servers, such as calendars or RSS, you must allow incoming traffic from these IP addresses:

We recommend opening the IP addresses with this DNS address:


In this way, you will always be up to date with the IPs we use for this purpose.

Questions? Contact us at support@pintomind.com

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