Layout and theme on channel

🎨 Each channel on your account can have its own layout for portrait or landscape screens, and you can choose which and how many areas the channel should have. Themes give your channels a holistic and professional look.

Channel layout and areas

Click βš™οΈ SETTINGS for the channel to select a layout for portrait or landscape screens.

The layouts have one or more areas for posts, and you choose where you want to place your posts. You can choose to use one or more areas, depending on the layout you choose.

A - B - C - D

  • Area A is the main area of the channel and where posts are usually published.
  • Area B is e.g. excellent for weather forecast, calendar, news etc. The channel always has something fresh and new that attracts attention.
  • Area C can be used for something extra to cath the eye. But make sure it doesn't get too much and messy. πŸ˜‰
  • Do you have even more things you want to display at once? Select a layout with Area D.

Clock and logo

Several of the layouts have separate areas for the clock and logo.

  • Clock - Click on the area to customize. You can choose to display the date and time, or only the time.

    The clock can also be displayed in a separate post. Find more information about the Clock post, here.

  • Logo - Click on the area to customize. In the logo area, you can display an uploaded logo, or you can enter a short text that always displays. The logo area is the area that often appears in the lower right, with a diamond shape.


The area called Ticker is best suited for displaying news via the RSS feed or for displaying text messages. The area in the Ticker scrolls vertically, and can thus display a lot of information over time. Click on the area in layout settings to choose if you want to display 2 or 3 lines in height.

Size of area

Once you've decided on a layout for each channel, you can see the exact size of each area.

When you preview a post or channel, click the πŸ“ ruler to see the sizes of the areas.


If your PinToMind account has a subscription with an optional watermark (discreet PinToMind logo at the top left of the channel), it is possible to opt out of displaying this on your channels:

  1. Go to the #Channel.
  2. Click "βš™οΈ SETTINGS".
  3. Click "βš™οΈ" under Layout and Areas, and select or remove watermark.

Channel themes

Click βš™οΈ SETTINGS for the channel to select a theme that gives the channel a holistic expression. You can choose a theme from the network, or you can adjust your own.

Use e.g. accent colors with your logo, or use a nice background image, choose between a couple of different fonts and create a screen with a great visual and personal touch.

βž• To prepare a new theme on the account, go to "Library" in the left menu, and click on "Themes".

Theme with accent color
Use a color you like, preferably from a logo or your brand. It creates a great and holistic expression. Even the sun shines in your colors. β˜€οΈ 😜
Theme with pattern

Combine a great color with a pattern that gives dynamic and life to the content.

Theme with image

A background image gives a unique look to the info screen. You can upload your own, choose from the library or use beautiful images from Search for what you want to show by entering keywords in English in the search field. Images from can be used freely. 

Choose an image you like and adjust the contrast to ensure good readability.*

*Tip: Using a background image helps to create atmosphere, but in general the post content then becomes somewhat less clear. If you choose to use a background image, it is important to make sure that you choose enough contrast, so that the content comes across clearly.
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