Get started with PinToMind

There is nothing like a good start! Here's a guide to getting started. 🏁

 What do I need?

  1. A subscription to PinToMind that gives you the possibility to manage and display your content your public screen(s). You get to test it all for free for 30 days, and after testing, you choose the subscription that fits best for you. You get a full overview over the various subscription plans here. We have no start-up-fee or the like. 
  2. A public screen, or several, to display the content on. See hardware we recommend here. You can also check if you can use equipment you already have, read more about this here.
  3. Access to a browser on a PC, tablet or phone in order to publish and manage content. - The same PC or device you use for all other things when you work. πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ’» You can manage the screen content from anywhere!

What do I do?

  • Test our software! It is free and with no commitment whatsoever to test PinToMind for 30 days. All functions are available during the trial period. Create your account here.

    If you like the solution, you can continue using it after the trial period by activating the account.

  • Create channels and posts. When you are logged on to on your PC, the system helps you to create your first channel and a few example-posts, which you can of course change.

    You easily create more channels and posts. Posts can be published to one or more channels, which can be displayed on one or more physical screens. You can of course preview everything you do, before you save. ✨

    We promise: It is really easy, but you can find a bit more explanation about posts, channels and screens furter down! πŸ‘‡

  • Invite more users to the account, to manage the screen content together. Users can have different roles with different access. Find more information about users here.
  • πŸ“± Start using PinToMind Go (optional). With the PinToMind Go mobile app, people can read the same content as on your info screens, on their own mobiles, and receive push notifications when you post something new. On the support pages you will find a guide for how to start using PinToMind Go, and a page with info on how easy it is to download the app and start following your screen in Go, which you can send to those you want to get the information.
  • πŸͺ›πŸ–₯️ Install the public screen where you want it displayed, and start the screen display in the PinToMind Player app, or in browser, on your physical screen.

What are posts, channels and screens?

ℹ️ In short: Posts are the content that is published to channels, that are displayed on physical screens.

πŸ“œ The digital notice boards consists of posts that scroll on the screen. You can display many types of posts i several areas, at the same time. Log in and click on "New post" to see and create all our post-types. You can preview everything you create before publishing. πŸ‘€

You can plan the days, times and periods the posts should display, and you can prioritize how often you want them to display on the screen. πŸ“†

#️⃣channel is a collection of posts that is displayed on your screen. You can display one channel on several physical screens.

Each channel can have its own layout and theme.

You can place posts in different areas on different channels, and when managing your channel you can change the order and placement of posts.

πŸ–₯️ The screens are the physical devices you use to display your screen content (channels) on. You can easily change which channel is displayed on your physical screen.

πŸ‘‰ Find the guide for starting the screen display here.

πŸ‘‰ In the Hardware category on our support pages, you will find a number of helpful articles linked to hardware from various suppliers.

Can I get an offer?

You do not need an offer;  All our prices are found here. We have the same good prices for all of our customers, no special deals are necessary. With us, everyone can be sure that they are getting the best price at any time!

🏒 We have a subscription type called  FLEXI, for large customers with more than 20 screens on different accounts, for instance municipalities or large organizations with branches in different locations.

πŸ§‡ We also have the VOLUNTEER price plan - for charity non-profit organizations.

We would love to help if you have any questions! Contact us at!

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