Samsung screens with SSSP and Tizen - our recommended screens

💡Samsung has built-in support for display of a public screen on several of their screens. We have very good experience with using these screens with the PinToMind software.

We use Samsung screens with SSSP and Tizen ourselves, and do continuous testing on them.

If you are going to buy a new screen, we recommend getting one of these, which has everything you need built into the screen! After an easy setup-guide, you are up and running, - they are easy to use, has an Automatic Timer for On/Off, and work well over time. 🖥💫😉

Setup-guides for the different Samsung models

(Newest on top of list)

Older models, only compatible with PinToMind Classic*

*Extend lifetime of older Samsung screens with set-back box

Screens with SSSP1, SSSP2, SSSP3, SSSP4 and SSSP5 are older models that Samsung unfortunately no longer updates. This makes the screen no longer compatible with the latest web standards and means that several post-types and features in PinToMind 3 will not work.

If the screen is too good to replace, you can extend its life with a so-called set-back-box (SBB). An affordable and good solution is to buy an Ugoos. Alternatively, there is also Samsung's own SBB, but it works on a limited selection of screens.

Regardless of whether you are considering an SBB, or it is time to replace the physical screen, you will find information about equipment we recommend here.

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