Installation of PinToMind Player for Android

💡This is information for setting up and using equipment for PinToMind. Although we have a guide, it is not necessarily a recommendation. Find information about equipment we recommend, on our website.


Installation of PinToMind Player

  1. Follow the startup instructions for your Android device and sign in with your Google account.
  2. Open Google Play Store and search for "PinToMind Player".
  3. Install the app.
  4. Open PinToMind PlayerThe screen displays a code. 
  5. a. If you use PinToMind 3On another computer or mobile: Log in to your PinToMind-account. Go to "Screens" in the left menu and select "+ CONNECT A NEW SCREEN".

    b. If you use PinToMind ClassicOn another computer or mobile: Log in to your PinToMind-account in

  6. Enter the code on the screen to connect the device to your account.  
  7. Choose which screen (PinToMind Classic) or channel (PinToMind 3) should be displayed on this. You can change which screen or channel is displayed on this device at any time.
  8. The screen/channel you selected now starts displaying on your device.

💡 If the device allows it, we recommend that it be set to an automatic restart once a day. This is often standard on professional devices made for this type of use, but not possible on devices intended for the consumer market (eg. Google Chromecast TV, Mi Box, Smart-TV etc.).

Test before use

Since there is a lot of Hardware running Android or Android TV, we recommend testing the following before use:

  • Close and open the app to see that the PinToMind Player automatically starts playback in full screen.
  • You can also turn the device on and off to see that the PinToMind Player starts automatically as it should.

Shortcuts in PinToMind Player on Android

Once the display has started, you can use these shortcuts (with remote control):

  • "Up-Up-Down-Down" reloads the content of the display.
  • "Middle-Up-Left-Down-Down" restarts the app.

Delete app

  1. Navigate to "Settings".
  2. In the list, select "Apps" -> "PinToMind Player".
  3. Select option to uninstall the app.

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