Installation of PinToMind Player on webOS (LG)

💡This is information for setting up and using equipment for PinToMind. Although we have a guide, it is not necessarily a recommendation. Find information about equipment we recommend, on our website.


  • PinToMind Player can run on devices with webOS 6.0 or newer.
  • The Player app for webOS (LG) is in beta version. Get in touch if you have feedback or questions.

Set-up guide

If the screen is already set up, go directly to "Install Player app"

  • Select «Quick Start / Normal Configuration», press «Start».
  • Under «User Agreement», select «Agree» or «Disagree».
  • Select language and country. (We use English on our screens and in our explanations.)
  • Select network and press «Connect». 
  • Confirm rotation, input and time. No need to change anything here.
  • Select «Done», and the screen is up and running.

Install Player app

  1. Press the "Home"-button and go to "Settings".
  2. Select "EZ Setting" -> "SI Server Setting" -> "SI Server Setting", and make settings as described in the following steps.
  3. Type url: ""

  4. Set "Application Launch Mode" to "Local".

  5. Set "Application Type" to "IPK"

  6. Under "Local Application Upgrade" click "REMOTE"

  7. When the "APPLICATION UPGRADE" window is displayed, click "CONFIRM".

  8. When the update is ready, restart the screen (turn the screen off and on).
  9. On the next startup, the app is installed and starts automatically.

Start screen display

  1. Open PinToMind PlayerThe screen displays a unique code. 
  2. a. If you use PinToMind 3On another computer or mobile: Log in to your PinToMind-account. Go to "Screens" in the left menu and select "+ CONNECT A NEW SCREEN".

    b. If you use PinToMind ClassicOn another computer or mobile: Log in to your PinToMind-account in

  3. Enter the code now displayed on the screen, to connect the device to your account.  
  4. Choose which screen (PinToMind Classic) or channel (PinToMind 3) should be displayed on this. You can change which screen or channel is displayed on this device at any time.
  5. The channel/screen you selected now starts displaying on your device. That's it! ðŸ˜Š

Turn off auto-off

The screen is «default» set to turn off automatically after 4 hours.

  • Go to «Settings» -> «General» -> «Power». Turn off «No IR Power Off (4 hour)».

Update firmware from PinToMind 3

ℹ️ For the screens to work in the best way possible, the firmware (the "operating system" in the screens) should be updated. If you use PinToMind 3, it is possible to update firmware in screens connected to your account, directly from the administration pages on your own PC.

  1. Go to "Screens" in the left menu bar, then you will get to the list with your connected physical devices.
  2. Click on the cogwheel ⚙️ for the screen, which must be online.
  3. If the screen needs a firmware update, you will find a yellow box with information about new firmware available. Press "Install".

    NB: Do not interrupt the process, do not turn off the device or pull the plug while the update is in process!

  4. The screen updates during a few minutes, and does an automatic restart when the firmware is updated.
  5. Go to the physical screen and check that it has restarted.

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